A DANGEROUS LOVE by Bertrice Small

In this epic historical romance, set in medieval Scotland and England during the Wars of the Roses, orphaned countess Adair Radcliffe is the bastard daughter of King Edward of Lancaster, a powerful woman in her own right. When an arranged marriage to a loathsome boy leaves her estranged from the king, then widowed and disinherited, Adair has only her wits to defend her. After she is kidnapped by raiding Scots, Adair finds herself the slave of rough border lord Conal Bruce, and despite her wariness, love grows between them. When father turns against son in a winner-take-all war for the Scottish throne, Adair and Conal must rely on each other to survive the rebellion and the vengeful English king. This is a sweeping and sensual epic saga in the classic style of historical romance from years past, set against a rich historical tapestry and rife with political intrigue. The story reminds me why I fell in love with historical romance as a girl. Although many of today’s new historicals are squeezed for space, and some might argue that the old-fashioned historical romance is passing from style, Small is truly timeless. Her writing crackles with drama and conflict, her history is fascinating and illustrated by very human characters, and her heroines are truly heroic. Every female reader would secretly love to have adventures like these! I’m curious to hear from other readers regarding the style of historical romance past and present. Do you prefer the sweeping classic sagas of legends like Bertrice Small, Virginia Henley and Judith McNaught, or do you prefer the modern style of a tighter, quicker story with a bit less history?


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