FALLEN by Claire Delacroix

In this futuristic paranormal romance, set in post-apocalyptic New York, Frontier action heroine Lilia Desjardins hunts mutants (known as “shades") in order to protect them from slavery and abuse by the totalitarian Republic whose eyes are everywhere. When Lilia arrives in New Gotham to investigate her husband’s mysterious death in the radioactive “hot zone,” she quickly collides with the law, and is rescued by handsome detective Adam Montgomery. Unbeknownst to Lilia, Montgomery is close to a mutant himself—a fallen angel who surrendered his wings in order to save humanity from another nuclear holocaust. Only by working together can the pair discover who really triggered the last global war and why, and prevent that powerful entity from its scheme to repeat this abominable act.

This was an interesting and unusual read. I took the time to check out the book’s reviews on Amazon, and found a fascinating dichotomy between sci-fi readers who picked up the book for its futuristic setting and tolerated the romantic element, and romance readers who picked up the book for the romance, but sometimes found the intricate futuristic world-building a distraction. I like both types of story, and I considered this book to be 75% futuristic, and 25% romance, with a unique and appealing hero. The paranormal element comes from the fallen angels, of which there are several in the story, and which struck me as exceptionally well done, like other elements of this futuristic world. The book opens with a riveting scene of the hero losing his wings, and there are a number of surprising twists that keep the story fresh and interesting until the end. Lilia’s steamy encounters with Montgomery heat up the page, so this is not a read to share with your kiddies at bedtime!

I’d recommend this book for fans of futuristic/sci-fi who don’t mind a bit of romance with their action, and for romance readers who enjoy futuristic stories and don’t mind the world-building that accompanies good science fiction.  Hope you enjoy!


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