This intense and sexy paranormal romance is the sixth book (I think) in J.R. Ward’s ferocious Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Having learned to write steeped and marinated in the lush vintage prose of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, I’m highly selective and discriminating when it comes to vampire fiction.  And the sub-genre’s so popular right now that, for me personally, some recently penned blood-drinkers run the risk of seeming “same old/same old.”  Not so with Ward’s Brotherhood!  Every novel tackles not only the painfully raw and passionate taming of one of these hard-core kick-ass heroes, but also the extraordinarily difficult topics of drug addiction, sexual abuse, physical handicaps, grief and violence.  Every book is a symphony of redemption.

In LOVER ENSHRINED, the drug addict/vampire soldier Phury finally gets his turn.  When he’s appointed Primale of his dying race, with the sacred obligation of siring the next generation of Brothers, Phury is paired with the virgin priestess Cormia, who is fiercely resistant to the match.  When a Brother-in-training betrays the species to unite with the deadly Lessening Society in their war against the vampires, Phury’s personal quest for self-forgiveness becomes the entire race’s search for salvation.

As a bonus, this book not only tells Phury’s story, but also sets the stage for the next installment by bringing us ever more deeply into the struggles of newly-transitioned mute vampire John Matthew, the drug dealer Rehvenge, and a fiery fallen angel named Lassiter.  This is a treat you won't want to miss! 


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