This urban fantasy series is set in an imaginative, fun yet spooky near-future Cincinnati, and it’s ever so good. Since the Turn, the witches, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures hiding for centuries among the human population have shed their disguises and come out to play. Earth witch Rachel Morgan is a runner–a freelance private eye/bodyguard who lives with her vampire-partner Ivy, the spunky four-inch pixy Jenks and his dozens of fairy children in a converted church. In this novel, the sixth in a powerful and ever-evolving series, Rachel must strike a deal with her archenemy, the vengeful demon Algaliarept, to save her loved ones from a chilling fate. At the same time, she discovers the surprising truth about her own unique magic.

LOVE this series. It’s this author who showed me that I do enjoy urban fantasy, after initial misgivings about the genre. Always fresh and lively without being trite or cute, these books are animated with very unique and conflicted characters, a bright and vivid (but not obnoxious or belligerent) voice, and a flawed yet likeable heroine. And who ever knew that a terrifying demon could be oh so sexy? A demon in Georgian-era velvet and lace, with fire-red eyes and godlike powers…Lord have mercy!

This series really launched me into reading urban fantasy, and it’s a good “starter series” for those interested in checking out the genre, as well as established urban fantasy fans. Scary and sexy, without being graphically violent or pornographic. Start with the first book in the series, DEAD WITCH WALKING, for maximum effect.


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