TAKEN by Tori Carrington

In this sexy contemporary romance with a dash of suspense, set in Manhattan and Santa Fe, con artist Seline Sanborn needs one more good heist to support her seven-year-old daughter and keep both of them away from the girl’s Mafia father. As the CEO of the company Seline targets, ex-Marine Ryder Blackwell doesn’t appreciate losing a good $750K to Seline—especially since the two shared a night of melt-the-sheets passion. Now Seline’s running from the mob, but she can’t shake off Ryder so easily. In fact, she’s starting to suspect that getting rid of her hot-as-hell former boss is the last thing she wants….

It’s always such a guilty pleasure reading a Harlequin Blaze like this one! The Blaze imprint features very steamy, action-rich romance, often with an element of suspense. When I want to relax into a turbo-charged, sexy read, Harlequin/Silhouette romances are often the books I choose, and the Blaze line is one of my favorites. Here the sex is explicit, but stops short of erotica, and the settings are often glamorous and cosmopolitan. For me, reading a Blaze is like eating a hot fudge sundae, but without the guilt!

And, because category romances like this one are written to a strict word count, the writing needs to be drum-tight, with not a single line of wasted dialogue or unnecessary narrative. I’m thinking it would be good for me as a writer to try my hand at one, in fact, in order to write tighter and shorter myself. The Harlequin Blaze, Harlequin Intrigue, and Silhouette Romantic Suspense lines all appeal to me. I’m working on a full-length single-title romantic suspense at the moment, but if I launch a category project, I’ll definitely let all of you know! :)


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