DELICIOUS by Sherry Thomas

In this captivating late Victorian romance, French cook Verity Durant is infamous in London for scandalous affairs with her titled employers.  Stuart Somerset is a rising star in Parliament, and the estranged brother of Verity’s most recent lover.  When Stuart inherits his brother’s estate, Verity is afraid he will recognize her from a single passionate encounter she fled ten years ago.  She needs her job to support her illegitimate son, and is determined to hide her identity.  Yet Stuart is seduced against his will by the divine array of culinary marvels that emerges from the kitchen of his mysterious cook.

This unusual novel was SUCH a magnificent read.  I’ve never read another romance that’s a bit like it--and that's saying something.  Can you believe Stuart never sees Verity’s face (despite several increasingly heated encounters) until three quarters of the way through the book?

One small example of the writing:  “Madame Durant had to be one of the most infamous domestic servants in all of Britain, Bertie’s insatiable lover who—some said—had introduced him to depravities involving pastry cream and rolling pins.  She cooked as if it were a prelude to a seduction, as if she’d bartered her soul to Lucifer to turn the humblest turnip to pure arousal for the tongue.” 

Need I say more?  This was an exceptionally entertaining read, and pretty steamy too.


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