In this urban fantasy set in modern-day California, half-Japanese interior designer Eve Hollis is a happy atheist with a normal life, until a steamy encounter in a stairwell with a familiar stranger transforms her into a Mark, a supernaturally-gifted hunter who’s drafted into working as a demon-slayer for a distant God. Her problems worsen when she learns the sexy stranger in the stairwell is Abel, brother to the dangerous drifter who broke her heart years ago—-who turns out to be Cain…as in, THAT Cain. Pulled between the warring brothers, Eve will need all her strength, her smarts, and her supernatural powers to stay alive, before the Infernals she’s chasing come after HER.

This was a very entertaining and well-written urban fantasy. Day’s vivid and imaginative world revolves around a complex hierarchy of angels and archangels, demons, fairies, and shapeshifters hidden among clueless mortals. (And yes, the appendix for deciphering the bureaucracy of Heaven comes in handy.) ;) The action is fast and furious, Eve makes a likable hero despite her toughness, and the sex—with both heroes—is steamy. :oops: In addition, the author does a nice job handling the unusual love triangle among Cain, Abel, and Eve. Within a crowded paranormal/urban fantasy market, the complex angel/demon worldbuilding and the Cain and Abel aspect (among others) stand out. The story continues in EVE OF DESTRUCTION and EVE OF CHAOS, both of which are available now.


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