This historical romance from NYT bestselling author Susan Wiggs is set in Tudor England (a personal favorite!) Orphaned Russian noble Juliana Romanova is living in disguise among a band of gypsies when melancholy baron Stephen de Lacey catches her stealing his horse.  When a sadistic King Henry forces the pair to wed, neither Juliana nor Stephen expects the arrangement to last.  Despite the tragic pasts both are hiding, their reluctant attraction becomes ever more difficult to resist. When Juliana’s long-lost fiancé shows up at court to claim his bride, Stephen will have to decide his feelings quickly, because Russian prince Alexei Shuisky is hiding secrets of his own and, for both lovers, those secrets may prove deadly.

This gorgeous and emotionally powerful tale is a reissue of CIRCLE IN THE WATER (1994) in an attractive new package, but the Tudor setting is both fashionable and fresh.  Stephen’s tortured love for his asthmatic young son Oliver—a boy he believes destined to die young—is particularly poignant.  Both lovers are smart and strong as well as appealing.  This elegant novel is the first I’ve had the pleasure of reading from reader favorite Wiggs, who's also a native of the Pacific Northwest like yours truly at the moment--and I wasn’t disappointed.  The second and third books in the Tudor Rose trilogy, THE MAIDEN’S HAND and AT THE QUEEN’S SUMMONS are available now.  Recommended for fans of historical romance, including diehard Regency and Victorian fans who may be hesitant about trying other settings.  This story has all the sparkle and repartee of a good Regency.  Enjoy!



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