A LADY'S PLEASURE by Renee Bernard

In this Regency-set erotic historical romance, widowed lady Merriam Everett—called The Mouse by her late and unlamented husband—has been overlooked once too often.  She takes lessons in seduction from a famous courtesan, disguises herself at a masque in a risqué costume—and launches a sexual encounter with the handsome and arrogant Earl of Westleigh who once disparaged her.  Her seduction proceeds flawlessly, sending Merriam spiraling to heights of pleasure she’d never known existed.  The only problem is that the man she seduced was NOT the Earl of Westleigh, but Drake Sotherton—called the Deadly Duke for allegedly murdering his wife in a jealous rage. 

Sotherton hunts relentlessly to locate the masked mouse who turned into a tigress during their illicit encounter.  When he finds her, Drake lures the retiring widow with a shocking proposal:  to enjoy one decadent Season in London as his mistress.  But the Earl of Westleigh has a score to settle with Drake.  Before the Deadly Duke’s ball has ended, Merriam must decide which man she trusts.  If she chooses wrongly, all three of them will wind up dead.  :(

Gorgeously written and poignant, this book is an exceptionally tasteful erotic romance.  Drake and Merriam’s first clandestine encounter occurs in chapter one, and the couple’s erotic adventures become ever steamier and more creative, even including that rare-to-find incident in today’s romance market—a well-written spanking scene. :oops: At the same time, Merriam’s quest to emerge from the Mouse’s shadow is moving and sincere, while Drake has suffered exile and torment for his wife’s murder, which was wrongly ascribed to him.  This erotic romance is an exceptional example of the best of its genre, and an excellent choice for readers who want to read a steamy story with emotional depth and intricate plotting.  


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