In this unusual Regency historical romance, impoverished Frenchwoman Camille Marchand is the illegitimate daughter of a disgraced noblewoman and a cruel-hearted scoundrel.  An unexpected bequest from a distant relative becomes Camille’s hope for an independent future, but she must marry within six weeks or forfeit the inheritance.  Scarred and haunted by the tragedy that caused his brother’s death, melancholy plantation owner Kieran, Baron Rothewell, wins the mysterious Camille from her dissolute father in a lucky hand of poker.  But Kieran is ill--perhaps dying--and wants nothing to do with this marriage bargain.  Both Camille and Kieran must confront the painful secrets of their past in order to grasp any chance for a happy future.

This dark and sensual romance was beautifully conceived and elegantly executed.  Camille is a highly sympathetic heroine--smart, resourceful, and vivid.  Kieran is initially difficult to like, but his suffering and strength of character gradually create a strong rapport--both with Camille and the reader!  Carlyle skillfully conceals the secrets in both characters’ past, so the eventual revelations are both surprising and poignant.  The bond between these two characters is moving, without being trite, clichéd or sentimental.  The ending is highly satisfactory, with both physical and emotional healing for the couple.

I gladly recommend this one for lovers of historical (especially Regency) romance who are looking for a slightly different spin on this familiar period. :)


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