DRIVEN by Eve Kenin

This book was a very innovative futuristic romance–a post-nuclear Siberian trucker story!

Set in a late 21st century Arctic wasteland, tough girl Raina is trying to win a trucker’s race for desperately needed interdollars when she forfeits the race by saving gorgeous loner Wizard from a truck stop brawl. But Wizard is much more than he appears—a genetically enhanced superhuman assassin, and Raina discovers their pasts are linked in ways that make her, too, something more than human.

I LOVED this story. It was turbo-charged, sexy, fast, smart, with an extremely tough yet smart and cautious heroine, and a coldly logical Spock-type hero. The trucks, the ice pirates, the futuristic gadgets, the hostile environment—they were all grabby. So good it makes me want to write one myself, though I doubt I’d have her knack for it!

Speaking from a writer’s perspective, I noticed in this story how Kenin can paint a perfectly clear and strong picture with just a sentence or two of setting, stark but effective. Also how love scenes can be fully developed over several pages, yet still be hot and the pacing fast. I’d read anything else this author has written.

This book would be a great choice for anyone who enjoys futuristic or action romance, and it’s a great choice to introduce male readers to the extremely innovative romances on the market today. The story was hot, fast, intense, with lots of sex and violence (but nothing that I found over the top.) And the swearing was futuristic, with “frig” and “slag” replacing the f-word we are all familiar with. I recommend this one with great enthusiasm


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