PRIVATE AGENDA by Natalie Dunbar

This women’s action-adventure story is set in a paramilitary training camp in rural Michigan. CIA agent Reese Whittaker left the spy business to spend time with her husband. When her brother is killed by terrorists, she loses her unborn child and Nick is not there to support her, Reese files for divorce and takes a high-risk assignment infiltrating a paramilitary training camp. Quickly she discovers that the unit’s charismatic leader seeks to sell a terrifying new biological weapon on the black market—and that he’s responsible for her brother’s death. Now the stakes for Reese are global as well as personal, and only she can prevent the bad guys from achieving their evil ends.

This story is a good example of the fast-paced, guns and explosives, spies fighting to save the world story that the Silhouette Bombshell imprint excelled at. Since the line is now defunct, you can pick this one up at used bookstores for as little as fifty cents, or on Amazon for only the cost of shipping. Here’s the link:

Happy reading!


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