How to Woo a Reluctant Lady

In my maiden foray into Sabrina Jeffries’ Hellions of Halstead Hall series, Lady Minerva Sharpe is the latest sibling to feel the pressure of her autocratic grandmother’s ultimatum:  she and her willful siblings must marry quickly, or all of them risk disinheritance.  The precocious Lady Minerva is a somewhat scandalous creature, author to a series of popular gothic novels who writes boldly under her own blue-blooded name. 

Giles Masters is a well-respected barrister on the brink of promotion to King’s Counsel—if his reputation for debauchery doesn’t get in the way.  What the public doesn’t know is that Masters is actually an undercover agent for the Crown.  When Minerva catches him pilfering a peer’s study and features the event in one of her novels—along with the passionate interlude that follows—Masters faces the looming prospect of being disbarred.

Now Masters is determined to control Minerva’s unruly pen in the most satisfying way possible:  by making her his wife.  Minerva reluctantly agrees to a sham engagement to placate her grandmother, but plans to cry off before the wedding.  Theirs is to be an arrangement of convenience only—until both Minerva and Masters find their hearts becoming involved.

Witty repartee, a splash of madcap humor and a light murder mystery engage the reader on this sensual and sparkling romp of a romance through late Regency London. 

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Final Four

Hollywood’s biggest night has finally arrived! The Oscars will wrap up the 2017 awards season on Sunday, February 26, and Us Weekly has the inside scoop on how to watch it and what to expect.

Hollywood’s biggest night has finally arrived! The Oscars will wrap up
the 2017 awards season on Sunday, February 26, and Us Weekly has the
inside scoop on how to watch it and what to expect.
Oscars 2017
Oscars 2017
Academy Awards 2017
Academy Awards

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