Magick by Moonrise

Magick by Moonrise
Book Number: 
Series Name: 
The Magick Trilogy
Released on: 
Mar 11, 2013

Tudor England, 1556

A religious war is brewing. The Catholic Church relies on the ruthless reputation of Lord Beltran Nemesto, who tirelessly hunts down unbelievers and those who practice the dark arts.

Half mortal, half Fae princess Rhiannon le Fay is a healer working to broker peace between the Faerie and mortal worlds. The Convergence is approaching, a magical occurrence every thousand years where the Veil that separates the two realms temporarily dissolves. Without Rhiannon’s help, war between the two is inevitable.

After meeting Rhiannon, Beltran knows he must bring her to justice, but he's instantly attracted to the ethereal beauty. She forces him to confront his beliefs and introduces him to the Faerie world, and in the process he discovers a haunting truth about himself.

As the Convergence looms, Rhiannon and Beltran must decide where their loyalties lie as they fight to prevent a war that threatens to destroy both their worlds forever.

Book One of The Magick Trilogy

The adventure continues with:
Midsummer Magick (Book Two, August 2013)
Mistress by Magick (Book Three, January 2014)