The Devil's Mistress

So Happy With a Great Mistress Review!

Here's a really wonderful review for Devil's Mistress--one of the nicest ones yet. :)  I was so happy to read it! 

Devil's Mistress Gets 4 Stars at Seductive Musings

I'm back from my adventures in Malaysia and Maine, and having fun reading the book reviews that have been coming in for Devil's Mistress while I was away.  A nice 4-star review from Seductive Musings calls the book "intriguing and perilous...the same sort of riveting intensity that makes [The Tudors] television series so addictive...If you are a fan of Philippa Gregory, you will find a lot

Fresh Fiction Features THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS

So excited--the first review site (that I know of) has featured THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS, even though the book doesn't release until June 1. It's Fresh Fiction, where you can read an excerpt from MISTRESS and leave comments, if you like.  Here's the link!

THE RUSSIAN SEDUCTION wins the Golden Pen Contest

Although most of you are more familiar with my historical romances, I've also started playing with a couple of contemporary romantic thrillers set in Russia, where yours truly used to live...and inspired very loosely by some of my adventures.  THE RUSSIAN SEDUCTION is the story of a renegade Russian submarine captain who's lost his command for an act of treason he didn't commit, and t

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