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The Russian Seduction is Out!

My diabolical twin Nikki Navarre's undercover romance The Russian Seduction hit the shelves Oct. 1 and has been getting fabulous reviews.  You can pick up a copy right here at 

THE RUSSIAN SEDUCTION Now Available for Pre-Order

My sinister twin, secret weapon Nikki Navarre, has really done it! Her debut release, THE RUSSIAN SEDUCTION, is available for pre-order from All Romance E-Books at the link below. It's a sexy romantic suspense with lots of glamour and international intrigue, set in the world of diplomacy.

The Guilty Pleasure of a Rogue Russian Submarine Captain: RED HEAT by Nina Bruhns

I have long awaited the guilty pleasure of reading Nina Bruhns’ Red Heat, which immediately caught my eye with its disgruntled Russian submarine captain hero—strikingly similar in some regards to my own renegade Russian sub captain in The Ru

CRAZY LOVE is Crazy Fun!

It felt like being on a beachside vacation to revisit the fast, fun, shots-fired world of Tara Jenzen’s Denver-based, Crazy series romantic suspense.  In the

CRAZY WILD by Tara Janzen

In this AMAZING romantic suspense set in modern-day Denver, librarian-turned-Russian-Mafia-party-girl Cody Stark isn’t really an international arms smuggler. But the entire U.S. government seems to think so, and a dozen of the world’s baddest terrorists are on her tail, seeking the stolen nuke whose remote location in Tajikistan only she knows.

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