DEAD RINGER by Annie Solomon

This smart and sexy romantic suspense takes place on a ranch in modern-day Montana. Gorgeous party girl Angelina Mercer is recruited by straight-arrow counterterrorism agent Finn Carver to seduce a Russian Mafia don who’s selling plutonium to terrorists for a dirty bomb. Both Finn and Angelina have trust issues, but they are forced to work together and love grows between them.

TO CATCH A THIEF by Christina Skye

In this sexy romantic suspense set in modern-day Scotland and San Francisco, mountain climber and renowned art conservationist Nell MacInnes has kept the world at arms’ length since her father–a famous art thief–was savagely beaten by cops and incarcerated a lifetime ago.

THE WITNESS by Sharon Sala

Set in modern-day Georgia and Arizona, this is a romantic suspense with paranormal elements. For five hundred years, Native American warrior John Nightwalker has roamed the earth, hunting the reincarnated soul of the pirate who killed his wife in the sixteenth century.

CHECKMATE by Doranna Durgin

This action-adventure story is set in modern-day Central Asia. When FBI attaché and secret agent Selena Jones learns that her adored husband is apparently cheating on her, she escapes to a risky new job in the fictional country of Berzhaan. When terrorists take hostage the Berzhaan prime minister, as well as the U.S.

PRIVATE AGENDA by Natalie Dunbar

This women’s action-adventure story is set in a paramilitary training camp in rural Michigan. CIA agent Reese Whittaker left the spy business to spend time with her husband. When her brother is killed by terrorists, she loses her unborn child and Nick is not there to support her, Reese files for divorce and takes a high-risk assignment infiltrating a paramilitary training camp.

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