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My Next Big Thing: Magick by Moonrise

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Coming Soon: My New Tudor Fallen Angel Trilogy for Harlequin/Carina!

Counting down the days to the March 11 release of MAGICK BY MOONRISE, the launch book in my new Tudor fallen angel trilogy for Carina Press!

When Tudor England and the Faerie kingdom collide, the players risk all for power. But only love can save them.

From Scarlett O’Hara to Sookie Stackhouse: A Look at Love Triangles and Hero Choices

Hello all you wonderful readers at Cocktails and Books!  Given my penchant for curling up with a dirty martini and a fat historical novel…or a spicy contemporary romance…or some mind-bending science fiction, I feel as though I fit right in he

The Perfectly Imperfect Heroine in Medieval Romance

The conventional wisdom among authors is that you shouldn’t read your own book reviews.  Or else, you should only read the good ones.  The reason for this is because, with the internal critic from y

First Place in Pacific Northwest Writers Association Contest for MAGICK BY MOONRISE

While honeymooning with my new hubby, I was THRILLED to learn my Tudor paranormal romance, MAGICK BY MOONRISE, won the Pacific Northwest Writers Association contest for romance! MAGICK is the launch book of a new Tudor trilogy featuring elements of Arthurian legend and fallen angel heroes. The trilogy later sold & is coming in 2013!

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