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DEVIL'S TEMPTRESS Out in Print Today!

My dark Crusader romance about a disgraced Muslim knight at Eleanor of Aquitaine's court is out from Dorchester today! It was a 2009 Golden Heart finalist in the historical romance category as The Devil's Virtue. And Amazon says they only have six copies left. :)  So excited!

A DANGEROUS LOVE by Bertrice Small

In this epic historical romance, set in medieval Scotland and England during the Wars of the Roses, orphaned countess Adair Radcliffe is the bastard daughter of King Edward of Lancaster, a powerful woman in her own right. When an arranged marriage to a loathsome boy leaves her estranged from the king, then widowed and disinherited, Adair has only her wits to defend her.


This futuristic romance is set in the year 2176 in a penal colony that’s a cross between a toxic-waste dump and a Regency London ballroom. Escaped convict Jenny Red swore nothing would ever take her back inside the notorious prison colony of Newgate, Australia, until prince-turned-rebel Deck Han Valoren makes her an offer she literally can’t refuse.

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