Science Fiction

NIGHTFALL by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg

This one’s a science fiction classic about the distant world of Kalgash, which has six suns and never knows darkness. Therefore, any citizen of Kalgash who is plunged into darkness quickly goes mad, and some die of fright. But scientists have become aware that a unique astronomical event is rapidly approaching which will plunge the entire planet into darkness.

ANTARCTICA by Kim Stanley Robinson

This well-researched science fiction novel is set in a futuristic Antarctica, which is the last unspoiled wilderness of an overexploited Earth in a state of climate crisis. In this story, Antarctica and its oil resources are bones of contention among scientists, politicians, businessmen and environmentalists.

THE DOOMSDAY BOOK by Connie Willis

This time travel story takes place in England during the Black Death of 1348. Once again, the Complete Idiot’s Ultimate Reading List has struck solid gold! When I read the last page of THE DOOMSDAY BOOK, I put the book down and thought blankly at the author, “Jesus Christ, lady. You’ve written one hell of a book.” And she HAS.

DRIVEN by Eve Kenin

This book was a very innovative futuristic romance–a post-nuclear Siberian trucker story!

SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson

Set in an alternate near-future Earth, this science fiction novel blew my mind! When Tyler is twelve years old and living in suburban Washington, D.C., the moon and stars suddenly vanish from the heavens on a quiet autumn night.

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