Devil's Temptress

10 Things I've Learned from the World's Most Dangerous Men

And how they've influenced my writing. I LOVED writing this one for fellow Golden Heart finalist Keli Gwyn's Romance Writers on the Journey.  You can check out the link here at 

Happy reading!

Devil's Temptress to be featured at Lovin' Me Some Romance

Check out the review site I just discovered at . Devil's Temptress is listed as an anticipated release!  You'll see some Temptress-related goodies on the site in February.  See also the listing for Blood of the Rose in "The Tudor Vampire Chronicles" by Kate Pearce.  Fascinating!  

New Release Date for DEVIL'S TEMPTRESS

For anyone who's been confused by the "out of print" message you get on Amazon when you try to buy Temptress, so sorry about the confusion!  The new release date for this dark Crusader romance and Golden Heart finalist is February 2011 (e-book) and August 2011 (paperback). 

The Devil's Temptress is now available for pre-order!

My dark Crusader romance, The Devil's Temptress, goes on sale in late October. But you can pre-order the book on Amazon right now, and I'm very excited about it. :)  At Eleanor of Aquitaine's glittering court, a passionate Christian lady must choose between Richard the Lionheart and the disgraced Muslim knight known as the Devil of Damascus. 

THE BOOK OF ELEANOR by Pamela Kaufman

Set in twelfth century France and England, this is a vivid and accessible retelling of the extraordinary life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife to two kings who were both allies and rivals, mother to two future Kings of England, plotter and politician extraordinaire, famed patron of the arts and a legendary beauty.

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