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August 22, 2010 - 1:41pm

The lovely women at All About Romance had this to say about Devil's Mistress:

August 8, 2010 - 9:03pm

DEVIL'S MISTRESS is being spotlighted starting Aug. 9 at Jerri Hines Novel Works Facebook Fan Page. Please stop by and check it out, and click if you like the content. :)


July 25, 2010 - 7:32pm

Here's a really wonderful review for Devil's Mistress--one of the nicest ones yet. :)  I was so happy to read it! 

July 25, 2010 - 7:02pm

I'm back from my adventures in Malaysia and Maine, and having fun reading the book reviews that have been coming in for Devil's Mistress while I was away.  A nice 4-star review from Seductive Musings calls the book "intriguing and perilous...the same sort of riveting intensity that makes [The Tudors] television series so addictive...If you are a fan of Philippa Gregory, you will find a lot

June 27, 2010 - 1:18pm

Hi there!  Today my dark Tudor romance The Devil's Mistress is being spotlighted at Unusual Historicals.  If you stop by and leave a comment, you may win a free copy. :)  Here's the link:

June 20, 2010 - 5:05pm

My dark Crusader romance, The Devil's Temptress, goes on sale in late October. But you can pre-order the book on Amazon right now, and I'm very excited about it. :)  At Eleanor of Aquitaine's glittering court, a passionate Christian lady must choose between Richard the Lionheart and the disgraced Muslim knight known as the Devil of Damascus. 

May 30, 2010 - 6:05pm

The Devil's Mistress is out Tuesday, June 1.  You can pick up your copy at a discounted rate at My Bookstore & More, Amazon and other e-book vendors.  When you've finished, if you like what you've read, please post a review. :)  Or just drop me a line--I always love to hear from you.  Happy reading!

May 26, 2010 - 6:47pm

Congratulations and thanks to the marvelous readers who've just won copies of THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS!  Maria Durst won the contest at, and Linda K. Sienkiewicz won the contest at Romance Writers on the Journey.  Happy reading, ladies! 

May 15, 2010 - 2:06pm

Just guest-blogged on shooting my own book cover at  The Ruby Slippers are the 2009 Golden Heart finalists, myself happily among them, and many of us have made our first sales.  Hope you enjoy the read!

May 8, 2010 - 5:45pm

Only three weeks to go until my dark Tudor romance, THE DEVIL'S MISTRESS, is released on June 1.  I can't wait! You can preorder it now on Amazon at

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